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I have started a minor tradition of traveling to a unique location on dates where the Day, Month and Year all match.  The trips I have completed are:


01-01-01        Key West, FL - For the "True" Millennium

02-02-02        Punxsutawney, PA - Yes, for Groundhog Day

03-03-03        New Orleans, LA - Mardi Gras 2003 - Yes, it is pretty wild.

04-04-04        4th Annual Toronto Reelworld Film Festival - Great city, but cold even in April

05-05-05        Mexico City and Puebla for Cinco de Mayo

06-06-06        Normandy, France for D-Day Anniversary

07-07-07        Pamplona, Spain (Running of the Bulls)

08-08-08        Crawfish Festival in Tualatin, Oregon / "Bite of Oregon" in Portland, Oregon (2 for 1)

09-09-09        COL Harland Sanders Birthday - Visited birthplace (Henryville, Indiana) and first KFC in Corbin, KY and the Bourbon Tour of KY

10-10-10        Independence (Double Ten) Day in Taiwan (planned)

11-11-11        Armistice Day (WW I) - Many places (Tahiti?), or Maldives - Republic Day, or Poland - Independence Day

12-12-12        One of the Predictions for Doomsday, end of Mayan Calendar.  Where to go to witness?


Let me know your suggestions for upcoming years and locations.